Vendor Registration


Thank you for your interest in the 2019 WNY Wine and Food Festival. Our goal is to showcase some of the best Food and Beverage establishments that Buffalo has to offer!

The date of the WNY Wine and Food Festival is March 9th 2019 from 6pm-11pm.
Set-up takes place between 3:30-5:30.
Tear-down takes place after 11:15.

What’s provided?
One six-foot serving table is provided and one six-foot prep table is provided.

Vendor passes to get into the venue.

Who’s coming?
We expect 750-1,000 guests to circulate the room during festival hours.
Marketing is geared at 35-55 year old people who have an interest in food and wine that have a household income of $80K yearly.

Cost and Profits?
The cost to restaurants is $150.00-paid to New York Event Management.
Restaurants will be accepting food tickets from each patron in $1 denominations. Restaurants will be able to set tasting prices and will be able to turn in tickets at the end of the festival to be reimbursed at 75% (each ticket is worth $.75 to a restaurant). Each restaurant should be expected to serve 300-500 guests in small bite-size samples.

Why Participate?
This is a really fun and exciting event where new customers come to try new and exciting foods from Buffalo’s best Eateries.
Help build your brand in an ever changing food scene.
right before spring and summer events, graduations, parties, etc.

To register as a vendor for WNYWFF 2019, complete and submit the form below.